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ACT Desktop CNC Milling Machines

From the conventional, manually-controlled milling machines, the computer-based technology has given rise to CNC milling machines. A CNC milling machine performs the cutting operations that are automated by programmed, numerical control commands of a computer. With the varying sizes, from small, desktop-sized to large room-sized machines, CNC milling machines are capable of machining various solid, hard materials like metals, wood, etc. Advanced Control Tech (ACT) is one such unit that has brought the most efficient Desktop CNC Milling Machines in the market.

ACT manufactures DMC-III, which is the next generation of CNC Milling Machines. DMC-III flaunts a solid, strong structure that can be used to perform complex milling operations with high precision and accuracy. Moreover, it is compact and light in weight.

The other capturing features that make an ACT Machine unbeatable in the market are as follows:

Advanced- After an in-depth research of 4 years, followed by development and testing, ACT now manufactures the most technically advanced Desktop CNC Milling Machines. Some of the many advanced features are :

�  DMC-III has ball screws that contain a dual linear ball-bearing slider for all axes.
�  It has advanced digital control system including that for motion and spindle control.

DMC-III The Next Generation Professional Desktop CNC Milling Machine Versatile- ACT Desktop CNC Milling Machine can perform a large variety of milling operations that include:

�  Engraving jewelry,
�  Dental applications,
�  Precision 3D mold making,
�  Manufacturing light industrial products, including various other projects.

Portable- Due to a size that occupies less space and its light weight, an ACT Desktop CNC Milling Machine can be carried easily from one location to another.

Affordable- The most exciting feature for the customers is the machine�s affordability. ACT provides DMC-III at a nominal cost of less than $10k in the market.

Clearly, ACT Machines are efficiently capable of fulfilling the consumer�s requirements. Moreover, various clients worldwide have promoted the use of ACT DMC-III. Therefore, to buy Desktop CNC Milling Machines, ACT is the right choice.

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