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ACT � A Name That Guarantees Quality and Innovation

If you are looking for a desktop milling machines or a Benchtop milling machines, for an intricate milling work, Advanced Control Technology (ACT) can help you acquire the best of machines at the most reasonable and affordable prices. ACT has served the market since 2004 with the best quality CNC machine technology. Innovation is the key to their superior quality technology. They have invested a considerable amount of time and money in upgrading their technology, especially CNC machine technology. As a result of their constant efforts over the years ACT has come up with advanced CNC controller, which offers precision and quality like never before.

Advanced Control technology has been able to offer the best of machines due to their highly experienced and talented team. They develop machines that are reliable, versatile, durable and most importantly light-weighted. Pertaining to their objective ACT offers not only desktop milling machine but Benchtop milling machine that cover the least area and are light weighted. Needless to mention that the machines offered at ACT have high precisions.

Machines offered at ACT can be used for the delicate milling tasks as listed below:

�  Jewelry manufacturing
�  Engraving
�  3D mold making
�  Research labs
�  PC board drilling
�  Dental applications

The uses of machines at ACT are not limited to the ones mentioned above. The above mentioned uses are some of the few out of the large number of uses ACT machines can be put to. Following their obsession to offer the best of machines, ACT has come up with the next generation machine DMC-III, which delivers exceptional professional performance. The DMC-III has already been quite popular in the market and some of its customers feel that the DMC-III is the only desktop milling machine, which is CNC enabled, that is suitable for highly delicate work.

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