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Choosing the Right Desktop CNC Milling Machines For Your Busines

by Andrew Torchon

Los Angeles, CA – When looking for a CNC milling machine for your business, it’s important to take into consideration several factors before you purchase. Although there are many different kinds of milling machines, the types of performance capabilities, the size and the prices are all over the map. Some CNC routing machines can be bought for under $2,000. These tend to be either reconditioned smaller, less versatile models or kits that require the buyer to put the whole thing together.

Here are some tips before you buy:

1. Identify what you need it for. – More than just the immediate requirement, take into consideration the future of your business and where your industry is going. As technology continues to advance, many times a milling machine that may fit your exact needs at present may become obsolete in just a few short years. Make sure the CNC milling machine you get can do more than what you require right now so that when your business grows and needs the more advanced abilities you’ll have them already instead of having to spend more money just to keep up with your competition.

2. Time = Money. – Buying a kit or a reconditioned routing machine means spending valuable time either putting the machine together before you can use it or having it repaired as most “used” product tend to need. Think about what you would charge for an hour of your time and then consider how much time you will invest by having to spend the time to building your CNC milling machine.

3. Space. – Many CNC milling machines, especially ones that are able to perform highly precision work, require a lot of space or are quite heavy, making transportation a real chore. Select a CNC routing machine that is light weight, compact and can perform like the big boys can and you’ve got yourself a machine that can make you money just by saving you time and space.

4. Cost. – Your CNC milling machine is an investment in the growth of your business, not a liability. When you are deciding which kinds of a milling machine will fit into your budget, think about how much you will be able to do with your unit and how more you will need to spend when you need to upgrade it. Many times buying a CNC milling machine that is a little more advanced than what you might immediately need will save you more money in the long run and can make you money by being able to produce items that other lesser quality and cheaper units can’t do.

Advance Control Tech has created a desktop CNC router that accommodates all of these facets. Capable of performing all types of high precision CNC milling such as PC boards and electronic face plates are well as intricate molds, jewelry designs, prototype development, thin-plate machining, this is the perfect CNC milling machine for small quantity production and exquisite engravings for businesses of any size that require versatility, durability and is compact enough to save space and be easily moved.

While the entire functional design is US patented the ACT DMC-III desktop CNC machine is simple to operate and comes completely assembled with everything you need to start including operating manual, full loaded software that is PC design compatible and its own personal PC unit. Just plug it in the include PC system or your own computer, plug in the power, load up your design, align, hit the button and off you go. The DMC-III desktop milling machine is easily operated, compact, portable, durable and versatile; all ready to go at a great price.

This article was published on Thursday 12 August, 2010.
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