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Questions and Answers for the DMC-III CNC machine

Q: What are the DMC-III capabilities?

A: The DMC-III is a versatile and compact milling machine that offers precision milling with near perfect repeatability. From complex prototype development, delicate part creation or fine jewelry engraving, our desk top CNC milling machine can perform like much larger machines but without the need for a large space and at a far lower cost. For more details check out the Specifications section.

Q: How much is the machine weigh?

A: The total weight of the machine is about 260 lb. Two people can move it with the 4 handles we provided without using a forklift.

Q: Do I need to hook up a control box or power box with the machine?

A: No. The machine is completely self-contained. The power and control boxes are all built-in with the machine. Our DMC-III milling machine has only one power cord plug to an electrical outlet (110 Volts) and one communication cord to the PC printer port. Both cables are included with the machine.

Q: If my power source is 220 volts, can I buy the machine?

A: Yes, but you need to specify it with your order. We will preset the machine for 220 volts for you. The default setting for the machine is 110 volts.

Q: What is the dimension of the machine?

A: The dimension of the machine is about 24" X 28" with 30" height. Our working area of the T slot table is larger in comparison to similar CNC machines giving you greater options and an easier space to work on. The table dimension is about 22" X 20".

Q: What is the software to be used for the machine?

A: We already provide and pre-install the software for the PC that comes with the DMC-III. This is a turn key system that you can just plug in the power and communication port with the PC. Since the machine requires working with the PC in real time, we developed the fully tested PC to work with the machine in real time.

To ensure the CNC performance, the PC is recommended to be designated for the machine and is not recommended as an access to the Internet. The CNC G code software is based on the well established Mach III platform to ensure the stability of the program. The Mach III has been widely used in the CNC community however it is not well organized and not recommended for the beginner.

We have modified and reorganized it so as to be easily used and enhanced for the display. The program has a user friendly graphical interface that displays the 3D tool path in real time. The CNC software functions and displays are equal or better than the most of larger and more expensive machines.

Q: How does this machine compare with other CNC machines under $10,000 in the market?

A: There is no comparison.

Most other CNC machines priced under $10,000 are retrofitted from a manual milling machine. This causes the unit to be very bulky and heavy while only providing the basics of CNC functions. If you want additional functions such as variable speed, optic sensors, or overloading protection they will either be unavailable or at the very least an additional expense. Plus their performance and the reliability are limited which can cost you more money in the long run.

However, the Advance Control Tech DMC-III is a next generation CNC milling machine using state of the art digital control technologies with integrated electric and mechanical design. The performance of our CNC controller is comparable to those of much more expensive machine and our repeatability is an astonishing 0.0001".

We have spent more than 4 years optimizing our CNC design to ensure the highest quality of performance and reliability. Most importantly our DMC-III milling machines are a gantry design with all power and control systems built-in. These design configurations make the machine much smaller in size but with the same machining capability of much bigger units with more versatile and portable. It can be used easily for a thin-plate (< 1/8") machining such as PC board or electronic face plate. The entire functional design is US Patented.

Q: If I have no prior knowledge of CNC operation, can I use the machine?

A: Yes, the machine is very easy to operate and suitable for the beginner. There are simple operation instructions provided on the table of the machine for the user to follow. We provide a user operation menu with sample programs that can be downloaded from our website.

Q: What is the maintenance requirement for the machine?

A: Maintenance is very minimal because we built the DMC-III to last. You only need to add lubrication to the sliders for all 3 axes once every few months depending on the usage of the machine. Adding the lubrication is very simple and can be directly accessed. No disassembling of the machine is required and the only wear item is the belt for the spindle. We install only the best quality the belt to ensure your ACT machine will perform for years to come. Because of the simplicity of its design it is very easy to replace parts by following the operating menu.

Q: Can I move the spindle head in all axes manually?

A: Yes, we can move the spindle head in all 3 axes by clicking an arrow button or using the arrow keys in the keyboard during the power mode. For the system without power, you can move the spindle position by simply cranking the ball screw nut with the wrench we provide.

Q: Do I need a vise to hold the work piece for machining?

A: No. The DMC-III comes with a special clamp set which can secure the work piece(s) directly on the T slot table for machining. Since you won’t need a vise on the T slot table, the work space on the table is increased. A vise can still be used for holding special work pieces if you desire.

Q: What are the suitable applications for the CNC machine?

A: It is suitable for all manner of milling machine work including proto-typing development, small quantity production, mold making, jewelry manufacture, PC board test fixture, PC board drilling, research lab, hobbyist, thin-plat machining, professional education applications and more.

Q: Can I use the machine as a router or to machine a face plate?

A: Yes, since the table size is larger than the spindle traveling distances in X and Y directions. We provide a special tooling to secure the thin plate (< 1/8") work piece on the table for machining.

Q: Can the machine work for stainless steel?

A: Yes, a proper milling bit must be used and higher spindle speed must be selected in the program for stainless steel. The spindle speed can be programmed from 1,500 to 12,000 rpm. Higher rpm spindles are offer for purchased. The water cooling system is ready to install and it can be turned on or off in the CNC program.

Q: How easy can I change the milling bit?

A: It is really easy to change the milling bit. We use the standard ER16 collet sets and it can be done by simply loosening the nut and replacing another collet and tool bits then just re-tighten the nut.

Q: If I can not afford the price, can I buy the machine?

A: Absolutely. Because we are the direct manufacturer we can provide financing or leasing options for your DMC-III CNC Desktop Milling Machine. Please call for the details.


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