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Features To Check While Buying A Professional Desktop Cnc Milling Machine

If you are looking forward to buy a desktop CNC milling machine for professional use, ACT machines can help you strike the best deal. They offer the latest DMC-III cnc controlled machine to its customers. Following are the top three features of the DMC-III offered at ACT machines:

Weight : One if the most important thing to check before actually investing in any professional desktop cnc milling machine is its weight. The weight of the ACT�s DMC-III is 260 lbs and 400 lbs of shipping weight.

Driver screw : DMC-III offers 20 mm ball screw with no notable backlash at all.

Motion resolution : It has a motion resolution of 0.00008� or 2 micros, which helps in delivering perfect precision in tasks like Jewelry manufacturing, research labs, PC board Drilling etc.

DMC-III has in-built power and control boxes, having a dimension of about 24�X28� with 30� height The spindle head can be manually rotated across al he axis manually and has a clamp to hold the items across the slot. It is easy to carry as well as easy to operate, with very minimal maintenance cost. Hence offering a complete solution to the requirement of desktop cnc milling machines for professional use.

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